Packing Tips

For your convenience we have made a little list of tips and hints, which we hope will help you protect the valuables you are packing, moving, and storing. Click on a link below for the information.

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Small Appliances
If possible, pack in factory boxes. Cushion with wadded, not shredded, newspaper. (Shredded paper can cause damage to an appliance if it gets inside.)

Large Appliances 
Since you’ll need your refrigerator, freezer, stove, washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher up until the last day, they should be packed last and loaded first on moving day. Consult your user’s manual and follow these simple instructions:

Empty and defrost your refrigerator and freezer, drain the water from your washing machine, and dry the interiors of all. Remove all fittings, and fill the interiors with towels, clothes, or linens. Tape or tie down all moveable parts and doors. Finally, cover the appliances with padding and remember to move them in an upright position.

Disassemble beds and mark pieces for later recognition. Tie bed rails and/or posts together with rope or tape. You may choose to leave the sheets on to protect the mattresses.
Pack them in individual cartons that weigh no more than 30 lbs. Alternate the bindings, and if necessary, cushion them with wadded newspaper.
Wrap the arms and legs with newspaper or bubble wrap. Leave slipcovers and chair pads on and cover with additional padding.
Hang clothes in wardrobe boxes, leave small garments in dresser drawers.
Wrap fragile items (like figurines and ceramics) with bubble wrap and tape securely.
If you have draperies dry cleaned, leave them in the wrapping and hang them in a wardrobe box. Place curtain rod hardware (screws, mounting metal) in plastic bags and tape them to the rod.
Never stack dishes flat. Wrap each piece individually in bubble wrap. (If you use wadded newspaper instead, place each piece in a plastic bag to save dishwashing time later.) Pack dishes, saucers, and platters on their edge. Nestle cups and bowls. Cushion with dishtowels and potholders.
Wrap individually in bubble wrap and use dishtowels, potholders, or newspaper for cushioning.
Pots, pans, colanders, etc. should be nestled and cusioned between each piece. Set aside the essential cookware for the first few days in your new place. Label this box to be the first one opened once you arrive.
Pack shades in separate boxes with padding. Newspaper can stain them. Wrap bases in bubble wrap and pack them in boxes, freezers, and washing machines.
Mirrors & Artwork
Small mirrors can be wrapped in thick newspaper and packed in boxes. Large mirrors and paintings should be wrapped in newspaper and covered with cardboard.
Patio Furniture 
Disassemble any pieces that are screwed or bolted together. Place all small loose pieces in plastic bags and tape to the furniture. Tie large pieces together.
Try to sell them at your garage sale or give them away. If you choose to move them, put them in bags with air holes and then into boxes. Water them before you leave.
If possible, remove legs and extra leaves. Pad them and tie them together. Place loose pieces in plastic bags and tape them to the underside of the table.
Tools & Gardening
Pack hoses and small tools in boxes. Tie or tape rakes, shovels, and other long-handled tools together.